Red Chris Mine is hiring for mining jobs in British Columbia. Barminco Mining Services Canada. Remote camp accommodations and flights.

Camp Jobs in British Columbia

Red Chris Mine – Labourers and Support Crew, Mining Equipment Operators, Electricians, Blasters, Mechanics, and More – Flights and Camp

Fly in and fly out remote camp mining jobs in British Columbia for the Red Chris Mine. 14 days on 14 days off work rotation with flights and full remote camp accommodations for all roles in support crew, operators, electricians, basters, mechanics, and more. Charter flights from flights hubs located throughout western Canada. Fly in ...

Ekati Diamond Mine jobs for Labourers, Drillers, Blasters, Heavy Equipment Operators (Komatsu Haul Truck 785, Komatsu Haul Truck 830E, CAT D6, D8, and D10T Dozers, Excavators 1200, 1900, and 3600, CAT 16h Graders), Electricians, Carpenters, Technicians, Operators, Millwrights, Plumbers, Mechanics, and many more

Camp Jobs Northwest Territories, Camp Jobs in Alberta

Ekati Diamond Mine – Remote Camp Fly In & Fly Out Jobs – Heavy Equipment Operators, Drillers, Blasters, Labourers, and More

Remote Camp Fly In & Fly Out Diamond Mining Jobs At Ekati Diamond Mine Are you ready for exciting and high paying mining jobs in the Northwest Territories? Ekati Diamond Mine is now hiring for all positions mentioned below from all kinds of Labourers, Drillers, Blasters, Heavy Equipment Operators (Komatsu Haul Truck 785, Komatsu Haul ...

Site C Peace River Hydro Construction Camp Jobs - Labourers, Operators, Drillers

Camp Jobs in British Columbia, Camp Jobs in Alberta

[Updated] Peace River Hydro Construction – Site C Camp Jobs – Labourers, Heavy Equipment Operators, Drivers, Drillers, Pipefitters, & Over 100 More

Peace River Site C Clean Energy Project is a hydroelectric power generating station been built on Peace River, BC. It is a massive project planned to be completed within next 9 years. Once the project fully completed, it will provide clean electrical energy for the residents of BC for the next 100 years. Site C will ...