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Maximize visibility and attract top talent in the energy, mining, construction, and camp services sectors. Post your job openings on Remote Camp Jobs and tap into our extensive network and industry expertise.

Why Choose Remote Camp Jobs for Your Job Listings?

Since our establishment in 2015, Remote Camp Jobs has revolutionized the camp job market in Canada. We have earned a stellar reputation as the go-to platform for employers seeking top talent in the oilfields, oilsands, gas, pipeline, mining, construction, and camp services industries. With our deep industry expertise and extensive network, we empower employers to discover exceptional job seekers quickly and efficiently.

Expanded Opportunities in the United States Energy Sector

In response to growing demand, we have expanded our reach to include job opportunities from the thriving oil and gas sector in the United States. As an employer, you can now leverage our platform to tap into this dynamic market, effortlessly connecting with skilled professionals who can contribute to your organization’s success. Please note that employers in the United States are not required to provide camp accommodations (meals and lodging) or living out allowances (loa) for job listings.

Maximize Visibility and Reach Your Target Audience

When you choose Remote Camp Jobs, you gain unparalleled visibility and access to a vast pool of top talent in the energy, mining, and construction sectors. We offer a multifaceted approach to ensure your job listings receive maximum exposure and attract the most qualified candidates.

Online Dominance and Social Media Influence

Our website dominates search engine rankings, securing top positions on Google for thousands of oil, gas, and mining-related keywords. This means that when job seekers search for opportunities in these industries, your job listings will appear prominently, capturing their attention and generating higher click-through rates.

Additionally, our influential social media presence is a key driver of engagement and visibility. Our Facebook Page boasts over 62,000 followers and likes, providing a platform to showcase your job openings to a highly engaged audience. But that’s not all.

Largest Camp Jobs Community on Facebook

We manage the largest camp jobs community on Facebook, featuring over 80,000 active members. This exclusive Facebook Group is a thriving hub where job seekers gain insider information on the latest employment opportunities with accommodations in energy, mining, and construction projects across North America. By listing your jobs with us, you gain access to this vibrant community, increasing your chances of connecting with experienced professionals seeking their next career move.

By leveraging our strong social media presence and engaged community, your job listings will receive extensive exposure and engagement. Our Facebook posts regularly receive hundreds of shares and likes, amplifying the reach of your job opportunities to thousands of potential candidates.

Services for Employers in the Energy, Mining, Construction, Camp Services Sectors

At Remote Camp Jobs, we are dedicated to supporting your recruitment journey and helping you find exceptional talent in the energy, mining, construction, and camp services sectors. Our platform offers a range of comprehensive services designed to maximize your recruitment efforts and connect you with qualified candidates.

Employer Directory:

Stand out from the competition by listing your company in our Employer Directory. This powerful resource allows you to showcase your company’s strengths, opportunities, and unique offerings to job seekers. By featuring in our directory, you gain increased visibility and credibility, attracting top talent and positioning your brand as a leader in the industry. Boost your company’s reputation further by proudly displaying our badge on your website, instantly establishing trust and recognition.

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Job Listings:

Post your job openings on our platform and reach a highly targeted audience. Each listing can include multiple job positions, allowing you to showcase various opportunities within your organization. Additionally, we actively promote job listings on our Facebook Page and Facebook Group, providing additional exposure and engagement.

Maximize the reach of your job openings by leveraging our robust job listing platform. Each job listing provides you with the opportunity to showcase multiple positions, attracting a diverse pool of talented candidates. Whether you have multiple vacancies or various roles within a specific project, our platform allows you to efficiently promote your opportunities. Additionally, we actively promote job listings on our Facebook Page and Facebook Group, providing additional exposure and engagement.

By connecting with our engaged community of job seekers, you enhance your chances of finding the perfect fit for your organization. We prioritize transparency, particularly for employers in Canada, and encourage you to include camp accommodations (meals and lodging) or living out allowances (loa) as required to ensure accurate and relevant candidate matches.

Types of Job Posts We Accept

At Remote Camp Jobs, we welcome a wide range of job posts that offer attractive accommodations or living out allowances (LOA) for individuals seeking work opportunities in Canada and the United States. We accept the following types of job posts:

  1. Camp Jobs with Accommodations: These positions include on-site work in various industries such as oil, gas, pipeline, mining, construction, and camp services. Employers provide camp accommodations, including meals and lodging, ensuring a comfortable living environment for employees.
  2. Camp Jobs with Covered Transportation: These positions also require on-site work in remote locations. Employers arrange covered transportation arrangements, such as flights (fly-in fly-out jobs) or other means of transport, to ensure employees can easily travel to and from the work site.
  3. Living Out Allowance (LOA) Jobs: We accept job posts that offer a living out allowance (LOA) for individuals who prefer to find their own accommodations while working in remote areas. These job opportunities allow flexibility in accommodation arrangements while still providing enticing work options.

We encourage employers to clearly specify the details of accommodations, covered transportation, or living out allowances (LOA) in their job posts. By doing so, you’ll attract job seekers who are experienced and prepared for the unique work arrangements offered.

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Note: If you have any specific requirements or questions regarding job posts, feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance.

Rest Assured With Our Commitment to Privacy

At Remote Camp Jobs, we understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality and security of your information. Rest assured that all data submitted through our form is handled securely and in strict accordance with our privacy policy. Your trust is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to protecting the privacy of your recruitment process.

Empower your recruitment journey with our comprehensive services and join the ranks of successful employers who have harnessed the potential of Remote Camp Jobs to connect with exceptional talent, drive growth, and achieve success in the energy, mining, construction, and camp services industries.