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Remote Camp Jobs was founded in 2015 to provide employment information for anyone looking to secure a camp job in the oilfields/oilsands, pipeline, catering, mining, and construction projects across Canada. Today, we are the leading job listing website for camp jobs in Canada.

Due to demand, we have recently expanded our network to include job opportunities from the oil and gas sector in the United States. Unlike Canada, employers in the United States do not provide camp accommodations. For that reason, we do not require employers in the United States to provide camp accommodations (meals and lodging) or living out allowance (loa) in order to list job opportunities with us.

Note that if you are an employer in Canada, we still require you to list job opportunities which includes camp accommodations (meals and lodging) or living out allowance (loa).

Our website receives thousands of page views daily through organic search results and social media channels. We are ranked top on Google Search Engine for thousands of oil, gas, and mining related keywords.

We are a dominant force on Facebook with over 57,000 loyal followers and likes. Our Facebook posts get hundreds of shares and likes bringing thousands of organic social media traffic daily. We also manage a private Facebook Group with over 60,000 admitted job seekers which is growing daily.

We offer the following paid services for employers in the oil, gas, and mining sectors in both Canada and the United States. Upon successful payment confirmation, you will be redirected to a page where you can provide information.


Get listed on our website Employer Directory. This is a profile of your company information along with a do follow backlink to your company website. The link is valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of creation. You will also be able to list our badge on your website for instant trust and recognition.


List your job openings with us. Each listing may include multiple job positions. Job listings are valid for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of publication on our website. We will also share a link to the job listing on our Facebook Page and Facebook Group.