Red Chris Mine – Mining Equipment Operators, Blasters, Mechanics, Shotcreter, and More – Flights and Camp

Fly in and fly out remote camp mining jobs in British Columbia for the Red Chris Mine. 14 days on 14 days off work rotation with covered flights and full remote camp accommodations for mine equipment operators, blasters, mechanics, shotcreters, and more. Charter flights from flights hubs located throughout western Canada provided.

Red Chris Mine - Mining Equipment Operators and Mechanics - Flights and Camp. Mining jobs in BC.
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  • 14 days on 14 days off work rotation
  • Charter flights provided from various flight hubs
  • Full remote camp accommodations provided including meals and lodging
  • Comprehensive industry competitive pay and benefits
  • extended health and dental benefits
  • Join a reputable mining company with a global presence
  • Contribute to the operations of a copper and gold mining venture

Fly in fly out mining jobs in BC at the Red Chris Mine include following positions.

  1. Heavy Duty Mechanics
  2. Shotcreters
  3. Nozzleman
  4. Charge Up
  5. Blasters
  6. Scoop Operators

Red Chris Mine

Located south of Dease Lake in Northern British Columbia, the Red Chris Mine is a joint partnership between Newcrest and Imperial Metals. This open pit mining operation focuses on copper and gold extraction and has an estimated mine life of 28.3 years.

Barminco Mining Services Canada is a globally renowned mining company with a strong presence in Africa and Australia. As the second largest mining services provider in Australia, Barminco brings a wealth of expertise and experience to its operations in the Canadian mining industry. Committed to safety, efficiency, and excellence, Barminco is dedicated to offering employees a dynamic and fulfilling work environment. Joining Barminco means becoming part of a hard rock underground mining team that values innovation, sustainability, and the growth of its employees within the mining industry.

If you are interested in one of the mining jobs at the Red Chris Mine with Barminco Mining Services Canada, follow the corresponding links to submit an application. Only candidates meeting the specified requirements for each position will be contacted for the subsequent phases of the hiring process.

If selected, you must be able to successfully complete a pre employment fit for duty test which will include alcohol and drug screening.

  1. Heavy Duty Mechanics
  2. Shotcreters/Nozzleman
  3. Charge Up/Blasters
  4. Scoop Operators



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