Meadowbank Gold Mine – Heavy Equipment Operators and Trainees, Miners, Kitchen and Housekeeping Staff and More – Flights and Camp

Fly in and fly out jobs in Nunavut with remote camp accommodations. Agnico Eagle Mines is hiring for their operations at the Meadowbank Gold Mine. Various heavy equipment operator positions including interested trainees, kitchen and housekeeping positions, and other roles related to mining operations.

Meadowbank Gold Mine jobs by Agnico Eagle Mines – Mining jobs in Nunavut with flights and camp
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Meadowbank Gold Mine is an open pit gold mining operation by Agnico Eagles Mines Ltd. The mine is located about 110 km north of Baker Lake in Nunavut.

Heavy equipment used at Meadowbank Complex gold mining operations include the following.

  • CAT and Sandvik Scoops: 8 yards and 12 yards
  • CAT 966 and 980 Loaders
  • CAT D8 and D9 Dozers;
  • CAT 160, 16H, and 16M Graders
  • CAT 834 and 330 Wheel Dozers
  • 345 Shovels

Fly in and fly out remote camp jobs at the Meadowbank Gold Mine include following positions. General work rotation is 14 days on and 14 days off. Full remote camp accommodations for the workers include meals and lodging. Agnico Eagle Mines also provide their workers with charter flights to and from the mine site and will cover other travelling expenses as well.

  1. Scoop Operator – Requirements and apply.
  2. Drill and Blast Lead – Requirements and apply.
  3. Process Plant Trainee – Requirements and apply.
  4. Human Resources Counselor – Requirements and apply.
  5. Long Haul Truck Trainee – Requirements and apply.
  6. Auxiliary Equipment Operator – Requirements and apply.
  7. Haul Truck Operator – Requirements and apply.
  8. Heavy Equipment Operator – Requirements and apply.
  9. Service Miner – Requirements and apply.
  10. Fuel Person – Requirements and apply.
  11. Kitchen Helper/Dishwasher – Requirements and apply.
  12. Housekeeping/Janitor – Requirements and apply.

If you are interested in one of the mining jobs with flights and camp accommodations at the Meadowbank Gold Mine in Nunavut with Agnico Eagles Mines, follow the links above to apply directly with the employer.

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