Oilfield Drilling Rig Jobs – Entry Level with Training – Benefits and Pay Up To $50/hr

Now hiring workers for all oilfield drilling rig job positions throughout western Canada. Training is provided for all entry level rig jobs. All workers must be willing to work in both remote camp and non camp situations.

remote camp rig jobs entry level in oilfields of alberta and british columbia with precision drilling
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Precision Drilling has been providing their services to oil and gas industry in Canada and United States for the last 65 years. Their oilfield rigs and rig employees are known to be the best in industry accordance with safety, technology, and reliability.

Precision Drilling is willing to train for entry level rig job positions. Available oil drilling rig jobs include following positions.

  • Leasehand
  • Floorhand
  • Motorhand
  • Derrickhand
  • Driller

Starting wages for rig jobs are from $36/hr to $50/hr which depends on your experience and position. Extended heath care and dental care benefits are available.

General rig jobs responsibilities include,

  • Ensure the Rig is kept clean and tidy; housekeeping activities on and about the rig including cleaning, washing, chipping, painting, and garbage disposal
  • Always keep all stairs free of ice and debris, whenever possible
  • Keep the doghouse and tool house clean and organized with equipment out of the way and properly organized
  • Operate manual tongs and slips to connect and disconnect various tubulars
  • Perform repairs and preventative maintenance of the drilling equipment and other components of the rig while adhering to Precision maintenance standards
  • Identify any possible problems on and around the rig and assist crew members with repairs
  • Keep the Rig Manager well informed of any issues and repairs done on site
  • Assist the Rig Crew with their daily duties on the rig
  • Complete training programs as required
  • Actively participate in safety meetings, adhering to all applicable Policy and Procedures
  • Actively participate in Observation program, and step in and correct at risk acts
  • Assist with moving the rig, this includes rigging up and rigging down/out
  • Assist with tripping, nipple in and out, and preforming preventative maintenance
  • Follow policies, understand Key Beliefs, Target Zero Rules, and Core Values
  • Actively aware of all safety hazards and ensure correct safety precautions are taken
  • Wear appropriate PPE wherever applicable
  • Act as an extra set of hands for the rig with various other duties
  • Keep crew truck clean and inspected before use
  • Drive in safe manner

General qualifications and requirements for rig jobs include,

  • A valid driver’s license as well as transportation to and from rig site
  • Must be self-motivated and possess a strong work ethic
  • Ability to communicate effectively with others
  • Ability to follow instructions and take direction
  • Willingness to read and understand Precision’s Key Beliefs, Target Zero Rules & Stop Work Authority
  • Ability to carry up to 75lbs throughout a shift of work

If you are interested in applying to one of the oilfield drilling rig jobs with Precision Drilling, click here to apply directly with the company.


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