Magino Gold Project – Mining labourers, all kinds of technicians and trades, and more – Weekly Rotations with Camp

Excellent opportunity for mine workers in Ontario for the Magino Gold Mine Project. Various mining jobs including labourers, technicians, trades and more on weekly rotations.

Magino Gold Mine Project – remote camp jobs in Ontario
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The Magino Gold Project, located in northern Ontario, Canada, is an exciting upcoming mining project that will soon be in production. Operated by Argonaut Gold, the site boasts a rich history of underground gold mining, as well as a modern tailings management facility.

As the project moves into the production phase, it is set to yield around 150,000 ounces of gold per year in its first five years of operation, with a mine production life of over 15 years. This presents an incredible opportunity for those seeking employment in the mining industry, as the Magino mine will be a significant contributor to the region’s economy. With the first gold pour scheduled for Q2 2023, now is an ideal time to join the team and be a part of this exciting new venture.

Argonaut Gold is currently looking for various mining positions for their Magino Gold Project which is located about 80 km northeast of Wawa, Ontario. The work rotation is 7 days on and 7 days off with 12 hour work days.

Available remote camp mining jobs in Ontario at the Magino Gold Mine include the following positions.

Mine Geologist – requirements and apply.
Shovel/Loader Technician – requirements and apply.
Environmental Technician – requirements and apply.
Surveyor – requirements and apply.
Geological Technician – requirements and apply.
Driller – requirements and apply.
Metallurgical Technician – requirements and apply.
Labourer – requirements and apply.
Millwright – requirements and apply.
Refiner – requirements and apply.
Heavy Duty Mechanic – requirements and apply.
Grinding Operator – requirements and apply.
Warehouse Technician – requirements and apply.
Control Room Operator – requirements and apply.
Detox/Reagent Operator – requirements and apply.
Tailings Operator – requirements and apply.
Instrumentation Technician – requirements and apply.
Electrician – requirements and apply.
Fire Assay Technician – requirements and apply.
Lab Assay Technician – requirements and apply.

If you are interested in applying to one of the mining jobs in Ontario at the Magino Gold Mine, follow the corresponding links above to apply directly with Argonaut Gold.

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