Baffinland’s Mary River Mine Jobs – Heavy Equipment Operators, Drivers, and Labourers – 3 Week Rotations in the Arctic Circle

Explore unique mining opportunities in the heart of the Arctic Circle with Baffinland’s Mary River Mine. This remote camp mining operation, situated on Baffin Island in Nunavut, offers a distinctive and captivating work environment. Baffinland, a leading mining company specializing in iron ore extraction, is accepting applications for various positions including equipment operators, drivers, and labourers. The Mary River Mine operates on a balanced 3-week rotation, providing a dynamic work schedule combined with fly-in, fly-out logistics.

  • Diverse roles available, including equipment operators, drivers, and labourers
  • Work and live in the extraordinary Qikiqtani Region of Nunavut on Baffin Island
  • 3-week on, 3-week off rotational work schedule
  • Fly-in, fly-out based logistics for seamless transportation
  • Full remote camp accommodations including meals and lodging
Baffinland Mary River Mine Jobs. Flights and camp. All equipment and heavy equipment operators.

CAT 6030 face shovel operator
MD6290 Drill operator
Pit Viper Driller operator
D65 Epiroc Drill operator
994 Loader operator
Ship Loader (Tower Operator)
Airport Tech
Can Handlers
992K Wheel Loader operator
988H Wheel Loader operator
950H Wheel Loader operator
345D/390D Excavator operator
Rock Breaker (Excavator Mount) operator
16H/16M Motorgrader operator
14H/14M Motorgrader operator
Sandvik DX800 drill operator
Sandvik DX780 drill operator
D9T/D10T Dozer operator
Crusher-Tower Operator
Wester Star 6900XD Tractor w/ B-Train trailers
Stacker operator
Tractor & Trailer (floats) operator
Plow Truck operator
Fuel/Lube Truck operator
Water/Sewage Treatment
777G/793/745 Truck operator
740B Articulated Truck operator
K-Loader operator
930 Wheel Loader operator
D4/D5/D6 Dozer operator
Rubber Tired Dozer operator
320D Excavator operator
Skidsteer operator
Telehandler operator
Bus driver
Water Truck operator
Fuel Truck operator
Jump Conveyor operator
Crane Operator
Senior Water/Sewage Treatment operator
General Labourer (Washbay/Greasebay)
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While comprehensive details about each role will be shared upon contact by Baffinland’s recruitment team, the following list provides an overview of the mining job positions for the Mary River Mine in Nunavut they are actively considering applications for.

  1. CAT 6030 face shovel operator
  2. MD6290 Drill operator
  3. Pit Viper Driller operator
  4. D65 Epiroc Drill operator
  5. 994 Loader operator
  6. Ship Loader (Tower Operator)
  7. Airport Tech
  8. Can Handlers
  9. 992K Wheel Loader operator
  10. 988H Wheel Loader operator
  11. 950H Wheel Loader operator
  12. 345D/390D Excavator operator
  13. Rock Breaker (Excavator Mount) operator
  14. 16H/16M Motorgrader operator
  15. 14H/14M Motorgrader operator
  16. Sandvik DX800 drill operator
  17. Sandvik DX780 drill operator
  18. D9T/D10T Dozer operator
  19. Crusher-Tower Operator
  20. Wester Star 6900XD Tractor w/ B-Train trailers
  21. Stacker operator
  22. Tractor & Trailer (floats) operator
  23. Plow Truck operator
  24. Fuel/Lube Truck operator
  25. Water/Sewage Treatment
  26. 777G/793/745 Truck operator
  27. 740B Articulated Truck operator
  28. K-Loader operator
  29. 930 Wheel Loader operator
  30. D4/D5/D6 Dozer operator
  31. Rubber Tired Dozer operator
  32. 320D Excavator operator
  33. Skidsteer operator
  34. Telehandler operator
  35. Bus driver
  36. Water Truck operator
  37. Fuel Truck operator
  38. Jump Conveyor operator
  39. Crane Operator
  40. Senior Water/Sewage Treatment operator
  41. General Labourer (Washbay/Greasebay)

Baffinland and Mary River Mine

As a renowned mining company in Canada operating beyond the Arctic Circle, Baffinland specializes in the extraction of iron ore. The Mary River Mine, located in Nunavut’s captivating Qikiqtani Region on Baffin Island, offers an unparalleled work and living experience amidst breathtaking surroundings.

Baffinland is committed to building a skilled and diverse mining workforce. While specific vacancies might not be available at this moment, the company encourages talented individuals to submit their applications for future opportunities via here. As positions arise that match your qualifications and experience, Baffinland’s dedicated recruitment team will reach out to you.

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