Truck Operator

SSR Mining Seabee Gold Mine jobs in Saskatchewan. Fly in and fly out with remote camp accommodations. All kinds of equipment operators are needed now.

Seabee Gold Mine Jobs – Truck Operators, Scoop Operators, and General Equipment Operators – Flights and Camp Accommodations

Mining jobs in Saskatchewan for the Seabee Gold Operations. Covered flights and camp accommodations for two week rotations. Truck operators, scoop operators, and general equipment operators including wheel loaders, skid steers, forklifts, vac trucks.
Mary River Mine – All types of operators, drivers, trades, labourers, and maintenance positions. Remote camp mining jobs in Nunavut.
Ekati Diamond Mine Jobs – fly in and fly out remote camp mining jobs in Northwest Territories from Arctic Canadian Diamond Company
Pipeline jobs in Alberta's oil and gas projects.
Oil gas pipeline jobs in Alberta with fly in fly out travel and remote camp accommodations.
Remote Camp Pipeline Job Openings in Alberta oilfield
Oil and gas pipeline jobs in Alberta with camp accommodations and flights transportation

Ledcor Pipeline Jobs Fort McMurray – Tailings Maintenance – Over 50 Camp and Local Positions

Ready to start your career in the oil sands of Alberta? Then check out these available camp and local positions from Ledcor. They are hiring all kinds of positions for tailings maintenance project in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Some positions mentioned below comes…