Snap Lake Diamond Mine Closure Project by Nuna. Heavy Equipment Operators, Drivers, and Labourers, for camp work in NWT.

Camp Jobs Northwest Territories

Snap Lake Diamond Mine Closure Project – Operators, Drivers, Labourers, and More – 3 Week Rotations with Camp and Flights

Remote camp jobs in the Northwest Territories at the Snap Lake Diamond Mine Closure Project. With three-week rotations and covered fly-in, fly-out transportation, this project offers competitive pay rates, benefits, and full remote camp accommodations with meals and lodging. Over 50 positions are available, including heavy equipment operators, drivers, mechanics, tradespeople, and labourers. The following ...

IAMGOLD Côté Gold Project – 100+ Positions for Equipment Operators, Technicians, Controllers, Trades, and More

Camp Jobs in Ontario

100+ Positions Available for IAMGOLD Côté Gold Project – Equipment Operators, Technicians, Attendants, Trades, and More

The IAMGOLD Côté Gold Mine Project in Ontario needs to fill over 100 mining and construction positions immediately. This massive construction project presents a unique opportunity for individuals skilled in various roles, including equipment operators, technicians, attendants, trades, and more. Industry competitive compensation, benefits including remote camp accommodations during your work rotation for selected positions. ...

Alberta Pipeline Jobs from Ledcor. Remote camp accommodations included.

Camp Jobs in Alberta, Camp Jobs in British Columbia

Remote Camp Pipeline Jobs From Ledcor – Over 200 Camp Positions (Fly In/Fly Out) Including Drivers, Labourers, Heavy Equipment Operators, Mechanics, & More

Ready to start your career in the Oil Sands of Alberta in the Pipeline Development and Maintenance? Then check out these available remote camp positions from Ledcor. They are hiring all kinds of positions for their Pipeline Development Project & Maintenance in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Positions mentioned below comes with full camp accommodations and travel. ...

Remote Camp Fly In & Fly Out Mining Jobs Alberta – Suncor Fort Hills Oil Sands Project Hiring For Over 50 Positions Including Heavy Equipment Operators, Welders, & More

Camp Jobs in Alberta

Remote Camp Fly In & Fly Out Mining Jobs Alberta – Suncor Fort Hills Oil Sands Project Hiring For Over 50 Positions Including Heavy Equipment Operators, Welders, & More

Are you looking for a fly in and fly out remote camp job in the mining sector of Oil Sands of Alberta? Then check out these open positions from Suncor Energy Fort Hills Oil Sands Project in Northern Alberta. They are hiring for mine primary and secondary extraction. This includes Welders, Heavy Equipment Operators, Electricians, ...

Entry Level Labourer and Miner Jobs at Site C Peace River Hydro Project

Camp Jobs in British Columbia, Camp Jobs in Alberta

Update – Peace River Hydro Construction (Site C) Now Hiring Entry Level Labourers, Iron Workers, Heavy Equipment Operators, Miners, Clerks & More (Over 100 Positions)

Peace River Site C Clean Energy Project is a hydroelectric power generating station been built on Peace River, BC. It is a massive project planned to be completed within next 9 years. Once the project fully completed, it will provide clean electrical energy for the residents of BC for the next 100 years. Site C will ...