Oilfield Operators – Well Paying Careers in Alberta’s Oilfields – All Positions Including Trainees – 15/6 Rotation

Looking for a well paying career in the Alberta’s oilfields? STEP Energy Services is hiring for all oilfield operator positions including frac operators, coiled tubing operators, pumping services operators, technicians, supervisors, and trainees. With a 15/6 rotation schedule, guaranteed pay, and ample opportunities for growth, this is your chance to be a part of an essential industry of Canada.

Well paying oilfield career in Alberta as a Frac Operator for STEP Energy Services. Trainees hiring as well.
  • Positions available for all levels oilfield operators, from trainees to experienced supervisors
  • 15 days on and 6 days off rotational work schedule for a work-life balance
  • Guaranteed pay and overtime opportunities
  • Comprehensive company benefit packages from day one
  • Extensive provided personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Company-paid courses and training for skill enhancement
  • Fuel discount card for personal use
  • Employee perks, including corporate discounts and memberships
  • Employee referral bonus program
  • Safety incentive program
  • Access to social club memberships (sport/event tickets, draws, golf memberships, etc.)

Fracturing Services Operator

As a Fracturing Services Operator, you will be at the core of driving, operating, and maintaining crucial equipment. Your duties will encompass hard manual labor, and you’ll play a pivotal role in ensuring efficient frac operations.

  • Driving Frac Equipment: Transporting frac equipment to and from the location post-job completion.
  • Rigging In and Out Frac Equipment: Rigging and pressure testing of equipment before commencing frac operations. Setting up iron, manifolds, and wellhead preparation.
  • Frac Equipment Maintenance: Engaging in preventative maintenance to ensure uninterrupted, cost-effective operations.
  • Operating Frac Equipment: Depending on your position, you’ll handle frac pumps, blenders, or sand equipment. Rotational opportunities to learn all equipment functions.

A Class 1 license is mandatory for the Frac Operator position. If you don’t possess an active Class 1 license, you can apply for the Frac Trainee position. Well servicing and drilling rig experience welcomed.

Coiled Tubing Operator

As a Coiled Tubing Operator, you will be responsible for managing and operating coiled tubing equipment, contributing significantly to well interventions and maintenance. This position requires a keen eye for detail, technical prowess, and the ability to work effectively under pressure.

  • Operating Coiled Tubing Equipment: Mastery of coiled tubing operations, including the deployment, operation, and retrieval of equipment.
  • Conducting Complex Well Interventions: Collaborating closely with the team to execute well interventions, ensuring operational excellence.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Diligently performing maintenance routines on coiled tubing equipment to guarantee optimal performance.
  • Problem Solving: Navigating unforeseen challenges with innovation and strategic thinking.
  • Continuous Learning: Embracing opportunities for growth by learning about the latest coiled tubing technologies and methodologies.

Pumping Services Operator

Pumping Services Operators play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless fluid pumping operations in oilfields. As a Pumping Services Operator, you will be entrusted with the task of operating and maintaining fluid pumping equipment, contributing directly to the execution of critical oilfield processes.

  • Operating Fluid Pumping Equipment: Proficiently operating fluid pumping equipment for various oilfield operations.
  • Maintaining Equipment: Ensuring the proper functioning of fluid pumping equipment through regular maintenance and troubleshooting.

STEP Energy Services

As a prominent name in the energy industry, STEP Energy Services boasts an extensive footprint across Canada and the U.S. It has carved a niche in critical locations, including the Montney, Duvernay, and Deep Basin regions in Canada, along with prominent shale plays in the U.S. Its commitment to cutting-edge coiled tubing procedures, fracturing methodologies, and N2 and fluid pumping processes positions it as a leader in the field.

  • Utilizing state-of-the-art, purpose-built equipment designed for specific operations.
  • Prioritizing efficient crew changes, even leveraging aircraft, to ensure well-deserved time off.
  • Fostering team cohesion through permanent crew assignments.
  • Implementing a rigorous maintenance program to ensure dependable and fully functional equipment.
  • Nurturing a dynamic work environment with ample room for career growth.

If you are interested in working as an oilfield operator in Alberta for STEP Energy Services based out of their Grande Prairie Service Center, follow the corresponding links to fill out an application and submit necessary documents.

Note that only selected applicants will be contacted for the next phase of hiring process.

  1. Fracturing Services Operator
  2. Coiled Tubing Operator
  3. Pumping Services Operator
  4. Frac Trainee (for those without an active Class 1 license)
  5. Heavy Equipment Technician

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