All Labourers, Welders, Pipefitters, and Technicians – CNRL Horizon Oil Sands – Camp and Flights

Fly in and fly out Labourers, Welders, Pipefitters, and Technicians for the CNRL Horizon Oil Sands Project. This is a great opportunity that offers immediate camp based work with transportation including flights and accommodations covered in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

  • 7 days on and 7 days off work rotation
  • Fly-In and Fly-Out options from Calgary or Edmonton
  • Full remote camp accommodations including meals and lodging
  • Entry level positions with minimum requirements
  • Opportunity to be a part of a crucial oil sands mining operation
Labourers, Welders, Pipefitters, and Technicians for CNRL Horizon Oil Sands Construction. Flights and remote camp accommodations.
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Following fly in and fly out remote camp jobs are currently available.

  1. Labourers
  2. Welders – $54/hour
  3. Pipefitters – $45.82/hour
  4. Heavy Equipment Technicians – $72.91/hour
  5. Light Equipment Technicians

CNRL Horizon Oil Sands

Situated in Alberta’s Wood Buffalo region, the Horizon Oil Sands Project is a large scale oil extraction project owned and operated by the Canadian Natural Resources Ltd (CNRL).

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (CNRL) is an independent exploration, development, and production company focused on crude oil and natural gas. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, CNRL operates across Canada, the United Kingdom, and Africa.

The project specializes in recovering oil from oil sands, which are a mixture of sand, water, clay, and a dense form of petroleum called bitumen. Unlike traditional oil drilling, where oil is pumped from underground reservoirs, extracting oil from oil sands involves using specialized techniques to separate the bitumen from the sand and other materials.

CNRL’s Horizon Oil Sands project is known for employing innovative technologies like steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and mining operations to extract bitumen from deep beneath the surface. SAGD involves injecting steam into the ground to soften the bitumen, making it easier to pump to the surface. The mined approach involves physically digging up the oil sands and processing them to extract the bitumen.

The Horizon Oil Sands project contributes significantly to Canada’s economy by providing jobs, generating revenue, and contributing to the country’s energy security. The oil sands contain vast reserves of bitumen, making them a valuable resource for meeting Canada’s energy needs.

FLINT Corp is a renowned workforce solutions provider to energy industry in Canada that values its people as its greatest asset. The company’s commitment to quality, safety, and environmental responsibility has earned it a reputation for excellence.

If you are interested in one of the camp jobs in Alberta with fly in and fly out transportation mentioned above with Flint, follow the links provided in the corresponding positions to submit your application along with resume and relevant documents.

Note that only selected applicants will be contacted for the next phase of hiring process.

  1. Labourers
  2. Welders
  3. Pipefitters
  4. Heavy Equipment Technicians
  5. Light Equipment Technicians

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