Teck Coal Elk Valley Lodge Camp BC – Salad and Sandwich Makers and Bakers – 20/10 Rotation with Camp

Remote camp jobs in British Columbia with long work rotations. Tech Coal’s Elk Valley Lodge in Elkford, BC needs bakers and salad and sandwich makers for their camp kitchen operations. Great pay rate and benefits including full remote camp accommodations with meals and lodging. Additional travel allowance is also provided for workers out of the area.

The general camp work rotation for these camp jobs in BC is 20 days on and 10 days off with 10 hour shifts per day.

Teck Coal Elk Valley Lodge Camp Kitchen Jobs in BC.
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1. Salad and Sandwich Makers

Join the camp kitchen team at Teck Coal Elk Valley Lodge as a Salad and Sandwich Maker, where you’ll be responsible for basic food preparation and ensuring kitchen cleanliness.

Your duties will include preparing salad bar items, crafting specialty sandwiches, and maintaining stock levels while minimizing waste. With a valid food safety certificate and at least 1 year of experience in sandwich and salad making, you’ll excel in this role.

Strong people skills, the ability to work independently, and effective multitasking capabilities are essential. If you thrive under pressure and enjoy bringing creativity to your culinary creations, this position is perfect for you.

2. Bakers – $22/hour + Overtime

Are you passionate about baking and ready to showcase your skills at Teck Coal Elk Valley Lodge camp facility? As a Baker, you’ll play a key role in preparing a wide variety of baked goods, ensuring quality and quantity meet the lodge’s standards.

Your responsibilities will include handling and preparing baked goods, managing inventory, training kitchen staff, and maintaining cleanliness and safety protocols. With 2-3 years of baking experience, creativity in scratch baking, and the ability to work well under pressure, you’ll thrive in this role.

A college or post-secondary program in cooking and an Advanced Food Safe Certificate are required, while Baker Red Seal certification is an asset. If you’re ready to elevate the lodge’s culinary offerings and contribute to a positive dining experience for guests, apply now.

Teck Elk Valley Lodge

Teck Elk Valley Lodge, situated in the picturesque Elk Valley region of British Columbia, serves as the designated accommodation facility for employees and guests of Teck Resources Limited. Teck, a key player in Canada’s coal mining industry, operates across various sites including the Elk Valley, Fording River, and Greenhills mines.

Managed by ATCO Frontec, Teck Elk Valley Lodge provides comfortable accommodations and essential services to support individuals involved in coal mining operations.

ATCO Frontec

ATCO Frontec is a leading provider of integrated camp services, logistics, and facilities management solutions, specializing in remote and challenging environments. With a diverse portfolio spanning resource development, defense, and disaster relief operations, ATCO Frontec creates, constructs, and operates custom camps tailored to clients’ needs.

As the management entity behind Teck Elk Valley Lodge, ATCO Frontec ensures high standards of service delivery, offering comfortable accommodations, catering services, and essential provisions for residents and guests.

If you are interested in one of the camp jobs in BC at Teck Elk Valley Lodge, simply follow the provided links to directly apply with the employer, ATCO Frontec.

Note that these camp positions have been identified as safety sensitive and will require completion of a pre-employment alcohol and drug test and a Security Clearance Check prior to employment.

  1. Bakers
  2. Salad and Sandwich Makers

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