Remote Camp Jobs in Yukon – Now Hiring Full Camp Staff – 4 Week Rotations

Remote camp jobs in Yukon Territory. Now hiring full camp staff including kitchen, catering, housekeeping, and maintenance positions. Long 4 weeks on and 2 weeks off work rotation with industry competitive pay rates and benefits. Full remote camp accommodations including meals and lodging provided during your work rotations in Whitehorse, YT.

Remote Camp Jobs in Yukon - Now Hiring Full Camp Staff in Whitehorse, YT. Camp cooks, kitchen helpers, janitors, maintenance, and more.
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Camp Kitchen and Catering Positions

  1. 1st Cooks – Serve as key assistants to the Chef, aiding in food preparation during designated meal times. Manage food supply according to expected servings, emphasizing quality and minimizing waste. Oversee staff duties, ensuring adherence to safety protocols and cleanliness standards. Conduct regular inspections of kitchen facilities and equipment for compliance with regulations and cleanliness.
  2. 2nd Cooks – Prepare a diverse range of dishes to high standards of quality. Regularly inspect food and equipment for cleanliness and functionality. Maintain cleanliness of workspace throughout and at the end of shifts.
  3. 3rd Cooks – Utilize previous experience to operate various kitchen equipment efficiently. Conduct routine inspections of equipment and food items. Maintain cleanliness of workspace while upholding health, safety, and environmental standards. Provide friendly customer service and support kitchen operations as needed.
  4. Kitchen Helpers – Assist with basic food preparation tasks such as washing, peeling, and cutting vegetables. Keep kitchen and work areas clean, including dishwashing and sanitization. Monitor food supply levels and ensure stations are well-stocked.
  5. Salad and Sandwich Makers – Prepare sandwiches and salads using fresh ingredients. Participate in daily meetings with the Chef to plan food production. Manage daily handling, storage, and rotation of sandwich and salad inventory.

Camp Maintenance and Housekeeping Positions

  1. Maintenance Technicians – Responsible for maintaining mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to ensure continuous facility operation. Perform skilled and semi-skilled tasks as needed.
  2. Janitors – Maintain cleanliness of public spaces including lobbies, dining areas, restrooms, and offices. Clear walkways of snow and mud inside and outside buildings.
  3. Camp Attendants – Ensure cleanliness and freshness of guest living units by changing bedding, distributing towels, and restocking toiletries. Assist with laundry tasks including washing, drying, and folding linens. Perform general cleaning duties such as dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and trash removal.

These remote camp jobs may require completion of a pre-employment alcohol and drug test, as well as a Security Clearance Check.

ATCO Frontec specializes in integrated remote camp services, logistics, and facilities management solutions, catering to diverse industries such as resource development, construction, mining, defense, and disaster relief operations. With expertise in creating, constructing, and operating custom remote camps, ATCO Frontec offers comfortable accommodations, catering services, housekeeping, maintenance, and other essential provisions. As a trusted provider, ATCO Frontec delivers tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring efficiency, safety, and quality at every step. Whether it’s in the rugged terrain of a mining site or the remote wilderness of a disaster relief operation, ATCO Frontec excels in delivering reliable and comprehensive support services.

If you are interested in one of the camp jobs in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory with ATCO Frontec, follow the corresponding links to apply.

Note that only selected applicants will be contacted for the next phase of hiring process and the interview.

  1. 1st Cooks
  2. 2nd Cooks
  3. 3rd Cooks
  4. Kitchen Helpers
  5. Salad and Sandwich Makers
  6. Maintenance Technicians
  7. Janitors
  8. Camp Attendants



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