Fly In Fly Out Camp Jobs at Quebec Iron Ore Project – Kitchen and Catering – 2 Week Rotations

Fly in and fly out remote camp job opportunities in Quebec. Sodexo Canada Ltd. is currently hiring for multiple camp kitchen and catering positions at the Quebec Iron Ore Project. Join their team and enjoy fly-in and fly-out travel arrangements, camp accommodations, along with competitive pay rates and benefits. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just starting your culinary career, they have opportunities available at Mamu Camp, Freemont Village Camp, and other exploration camps in Quebec. Take advantage of remote camp accommodations with meals and lodging provided, as well as covered flight travel.

Fly In Fly Out Camp Jobs at Quebec Iron Ore Project - Kitchen and Catering. Mamu Camp, Freemont Village Camp, and other exploration camps in Quebec.

The general work rotation for camp kitchen positions is structured as 14 days on followed by 14 days off, encompassing 10.5-hour workdays with compensation for 12 hours. Additionally, camp employees are offered $100 per month towards insurance purchases and a $200 monthly transportation allowance.

Available Camp Jobs in the Quebec Iron Ore Project

  1. Pastry Chef (Pâtissier/Pâtissière) – Mamu Camp: Ideal candidates will possess a creative flair and passion for desserts. Proficiency in various pastry techniques and dietary accommodations is preferred. Pay rate is $22.90/hour.
  2. 1st Cook – Camp Village Fermont & Exploration Camp: This role involves leading the kitchen team, planning and preparing meals, and upholding high standards of kitchen hygiene. Pay rate is $24.89/hour.
  3. 2nd Cook – Mamu Camp, Exploration Camp: Assist the 1st Cook in kitchen duties, showcasing your culinary skills in preparing diverse and nutritious meals. Pay rate is $22.90/hour.
  4. 3rd Cook – Mamu Camp, Camp Village Fermont: A perfect opportunity for those beginning their culinary career, focusing on meal preparation and kitchen maintenance. Pay rate is $21.58/hour.
  5. Production Chef (Chef De Production) – Camp Village Fermont: Oversee the food production process, manage inventory, and ensure the delivery of high-quality meal services. Leadership and organizational skills are essential. Pay rate is $26.08/hour.

About the Quebec Iron Ore Project

Managed by Champion Iron through its subsidiary Quebec Iron Ore Inc., the Quebec Iron Ore Project focuses on the extraction and production of high-grade iron ore. Established in 2016, the project revolves around the Bloom Lake Mine in Fermont, northern Quebec. Champion Iron’s commitment to responsible materials mining and sustainable development has made the Bloom Lake Mine a flagship project in the Fermont Iron Ore District, contributing to economic growth and community engagement in the region.

Sodexo Canada

Sodexo Canada Ltd. is a leading provider of integrated facilities management and food service operations across various sectors, including mining, construction, healthcare, and education. With over 40 years of experience, Sodexo Canada emphasizes sustainability and quality of life improvement. As part of a global network operating in 56 countries, Sodexo serves millions of consumers daily through its commitment to exceptional service and innovation.

If you’re interested in joining the camp kitchen and catering team at the Quebec Iron Ore Project, apply directly through the corresponding links provided by Sodexo Canada.

Note that only selected applicants will be contacted for further steps in the hiring process.

  1. Pastry Chef
  2. 1st Cook- Freemont Village Camp
  3. 1st Cook – Exploration Camps
  4. 2nd Cook – Mamu Camp
  5. 2nd Cook – Exploration Camps
  6. 3rd Cook – Mamu Camp
  7. 3rd Cook – Freemont Village Camp
  8. Chef

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