Earthworks and Construction Equipment Operators, Drivers, Pipefitters, and More – Cargill Canola Project – LOA

A new and large scale earthworks and construction project needs all kinds of equipment operators, drivers, pipefitters, and more. This massive project, estimated at $350 million, is for the construction of the Cargill Canola Project in Regina, Saskatchewan. This is your opportunity be a part of this long-term construction project offering great compensation, benefits, and living out allowances.

  • Long-Term Project: Contribute to a large-scale construction endeavor with an estimated investment of $350 million.
  • Work Rotation: 10 days on and 4 days off work rotation, allowing for a balanced work-life schedule.
  • Extended Work Days: Experience workdays of up to 12 hours, ensuring productive shifts and overtime hours.
  • Competitive Compensation: Benefit from great pay and attractive benefits, including living out allowances.
Cargill Canola Crush Plant Construction in Regina, Saskatchewan. Jobs with living out allowances for,

Grader Operators,
Excavator Operators,
Rock Truck Operators,
Skid Steer Operators,
Packer Operators,
Heavy Duty Mechanics.

Available construction jobs in Saskatchewan for the Cargill Canola Project with living out allowances include the following positions.

  1. Grader Operators
  2. Excavator Operators
  3. Rock Truck Operators
  4. Skid Steer Operators
  5. Packer Operators
  6. Pipefitters
  7. Heavy Duty Mechanics
  8. Labourers (Local Only)

General Requirements for the jobs at the Cargill Canola Plant construction project include the following.

  1. CSTS 2020 or SCOT
  2. Ground Disturbance Level 2
  3. Valid Driver’s License

Cargill Canola Crush Plant – Regina, Saskatchewan

The new Cargill Canola Crush Plant being constructed near Regina, Saskatchewan, is a large scale construction project estimated to be valued at $350 million. The canola crush plant is expected to be operational by mid 2024.

As a global pioneer in oilseed processing, Cargill operates canola crush facilities in Camrose, Alberta, and Clavet, Saskatchewan. The forthcoming state-of-the-art facility is projected to annually produce 1 million metric tonnes, streamlining delivery for farmers and end-users alike. This investment is anticipated to generate approximately 1 million hours of employment during the construction phase, eventually adding around 50 full-time positions upon completion.

Jardeg Construction, a prime workforce provider of skilled trades, partners with Graham Construction and extends its expertise to various sectors, including oil, gas, and more across Canada.

If you’re interested in one of the construction jobs in Saskatchewan for the Cargill Canola Crush Plant with Jardeg Construction Services, follow the corresponding links to complete an application and submit your resume and relevant documents.

Please note that pre-access drug screening and fit testing are prerequisites for consideration. Only selected candidates will be contacted for the next phase of the hiring process.

  1. Grader Operators
  2. Excavator Operators
  3. Rock Truck, Skid Steer, Packer Operators
  4. Pipefitters
  5. Heavy Duty Mechanics
  6. Labourers

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