CNRL Albian Sands – Now Hiring Ironworkers, Pipefitters, Insulators, Welders, Electricians, Scaffolders, and More – Flights and Camp

Remote camp jobs in Alberta with flights at the CNRL Albian Sands Project. Now hiring for all positions including all trades with charter flights and remote camp accommodations in Fort McMurray on one week work rotations. Great pay and benefits.

CNRL Albian Sands Jobs – Remote Camp Jobs Alberta with Flights – Oil Sands Jobs
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These fly in and fly out remote camp jobs are from Jardeg Construction with their allied partner Heartland Constructors Inc for CNRL Albian Maintenance, Shutdowns, and Outages. Apprentices and journeyman positions included.

Fly in and fly out remote camp jobs at the CNRL Albian Sands Project include the following job positions. General work rotation is seven days on and seven days off. Work days are long 12 hours which will include 3.5 hours of additional overtime as well as weekly overtime over 40 hours of work.

Remote camp accommodations including meals and lodging provided during your work rotation. And also charter flights provided from Calgary or Edmonton by the company to in and out of Fort McMurray, Alberta.

CNRL Albian Sands jobs include following positions.

  1. Millwright – Requirements and apply.
  2. Millwright 2 – Requirements and apply.
  3. Pipefitter – Requirements and apply.
  4. Electrician – Requirements and apply.
  5. Welder – Requirements and apply.
  6. Scaffolder – Requirements and apply.
  7. Insulator – Requirements and apply.
  8. Ironworker – Requirements and apply.

If you’d like to apply for fly in and fly out remote camp jobs at the CNRL Albian Sands, follow the links above to apply directly with the employer. Note that only qualified applicants who meet genera requirements will be contacted for the next phase of hiring process.

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