50 Positions at CNRL Horizon Oil Sands – Labourers, Operators, and All Trades Positions – Camp and Flights

The CNRL Horizon Oil Sands project, located in the Athabasca region north of Fort McMurray, needs over 50 positions filled immediately for a construction project at their oil sands mining operation. If you’re seeking a well paying job with exceptional benefits, including flights and remote camp accommodations, along with travel allowance for out-of-province workers, this is your chance. 14/7 work rotation with competitive hourly rates, overtime opportunities, and room for career growth.

  • 14/7 work rotation encompassing both day and night shifts
  • Competitive hourly rates with additional overtime compensation
  • Remote camp accommodations with provided meals and lodging
  • Flights offered from Edmonton and Calgary
  • Travel allowance for candidates traveling from outside the province
  • Long-term employment prospects
  • Benefits provided by CLAC
Workers for oil sands mining construction in Fort McKay. Fly in and fly out remote camp jobs in Alberta.
Image Source – bloomberg.com

The following fly in and fly out remote camp jobs are available from Ledcor for their operations in Fort McKay region of Alberta.

  1. Ironworkers
  2. Structural Welders
  3. B Pressure Welders
  4. Pipefitters
  5. Millwrights
  6. Electricians
  7. Scaffolders
  8. Instrumentation Technicians
  9. Crane Operators

CNRL Horizon Oil Sands

Situated in Alberta’s Wood Buffalo region, the Horizon Oil Sands Project is a large scale oil extraction project owned and operated by Canadian Natural Resources Ltd (CNRL). CNRL is a Calgary-based, independent exploration, development, and production company with operations spanning Canada, the United Kingdom, and Africa.

Ledcor is currently seeking to fill the positions mentioned above. Ledcor provides construction, development, energy, and infrastructure solutions to wide range of projects across Canada and United States.

If you are interested in one of the job positions in Fort McKay with Ledcor, follow the corresponding links to submit an application along with your resume and other documents.

Note that only selected applicants will be contacted for the next phase of hiring process.

  1. Ironworker
  2. Structural Welder
  3. B Pressure Welder
  4. Pipefitter
  5. Millwright
  6. Electrician
  7. Scaffolder
  8. Instrumentation Technician
  9. Crane Operator

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