Remote Camp Jobs at Civeo Wapasu Creek Lodge – Cooks, Prep Staff, Front Desk, Custodial – 20/10 Rotations in Fort McMurray

Civeo’s Wapasu Creek Lodge, a premier remote camp facility in Fort McMurray, Alberta has immediate openings are available for various camp job positions, including cooks, prep staff, front desk clerks, and custodial workers. These remote camp jobs in Fort McMurray oil sands comes with a 20-day on, 10-day off work rotation, with transportation, accommodations, meals, and lodging provided.

Civeo's Wapasu Creek Lodge in Fort McMurray remote camp jobs with 20/10 rotations. Cooks, prep staff, front desk clerks, and custodial workers in oil sands.
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Following camp jobs are currently available at Civeo Wapasu.

  1. Front Desk Clerks
  2. Food Prep Workers
  3. 1st Cooks
  4. 3rd Cooks
  5. Housekeepers
  6. 2nd Cooks
  7. Custodial Workers for Snow Removal
  8. Janitors

Work location is the Wapasu Creek Lodge remote site north of Fort McMurray. Transportation is provided from Edmonton. Work rotation is 20 days on-site and 10 days off-site rotation.

All candidates must successfully pass a criminal background check and drug and alcohol test as part of the hiring process.

Civeo Wapasu Creek Lodge

Civeo specializes in providing workforce accommodations to help individuals maintain healthy, productive, and connected lives while working away from home. With over 26,000 rooms across Canada, Australia, and the US, Civeo offers comprehensive hospitality services, including lodging, food services, housekeeping, and property maintenance.

The Wapasu Creek Lodge features 5,174 rooms, including Semi-Private, Executive, and Suite accommodations, equipped with internet and cable TV. Enjoy daily housekeeping, three meals per day, and access to fitness and recreation facilities. Located 47 km east of Hwy 63, Km 42 on Canterra Road.

Aramark Remote Workplace Services

All camp kitchen and custodial jobs at Wapasu Creek Lodge are offered through Aramark Remote Workplace Services, a leading provider of remote workplace accommodations services in Canada. Aramark offers a wide range of services to ensure utmost comfort and convenience for oil sands workforce in remote operations.

If you’re interested in joining their team in Fort McMurray, follow the corresponding links to apply directly with Aramark Remote Workplace Services for camp kitchen and custodial positions at Wapasu Creek Lodge.

Please note that only selected applicants will be contacted for the next phase of the hiring process.

  1. Front Desk Clerks
  2. Food Prep Workers
  3. 1st Cooks
  4. Housekeepers
  5. 2nd Cooks
  6. Custodial Workers for Snow Removal



Posted: 2 months ago

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