Over 2000 Workers Needed for the Construction of Plaquemines LNG

Over 2000 oil and gas construction job opportunities available with Zachry Group for the Plaquemines LNG construction project in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. Get involved in building a groundbreaking LNG export facility that will have a significant impact on the industry. Don’t miss this chance to join a renowned construction company and contribute to this long-term project.

  • 5-year construction project
  • Construction set to start on August 1st
  • Industry competitive wages
  • $85 per diem provided

About the Project – Plaquemines LNG

Be a part of the groundbreaking Plaquemines LNG project construction in Louisiana. Construction workers needed for a 5-year project.
Image Source – Venture Global LNG

Zachry Group is partnering with Venture Global Plaquemines LNG, LLC to develop an LNG export facility in Plaquemines Parish. With an export capacity of up to 20 million metric tonnes per year, this project will be situated on a 630-acre site along the Mississippi River in Louisiana. Enjoy the benefits of deep-water access and contribute to an environmentally-friendly development process.

About Zachry Group

Zachry Group is North America’s leading turnkey construction, engineering, and maintenance solutions provider. With a track record of excellence and a commitment to safety, Zachry Group operates nationwide with a team of over 20,000 professionals. Join their workforce and become part of a company dedicated to delivering outstanding outcomes for their customers.

Available Positions

Zachry Group is currently hiring for various positions related to the Plaquemines LNG construction project. Some of the available positions include the following.

Equipment Operators/Drivers

  1. Operator Heavy Equipment 1
  2. Light Equipment Operator 2
  3. Laborer/Helper (Dirt Work)
  4. Truck Driver 1
  5. Light Equipment Operator 1
  6. Crane Operator-Over 70 Ton
  7. Bus Driver 1


  1. Scaffold Builder I
  2. Helper Scaffold Builder 1
  3. Helper Millwright 3
  4. Helper Reinforced Ironworker 1
  5. Reinf Irwkr I
  6. Foreman Concrete Finisher
  7. Tool Room Worker 3
  8. Concrete Finisher 1
  9. Carpenter I
  10. Helper Warehouse 1
  11. Helper Operator 1
  12. Laborer 1
  13. Gen Frmn Reinforce Ironworker
  14. Helper Ironworker 1
  15. Helper Carpenter 2, 3
  16. Helper Concrete Finish 1
  17. Helper Reinforced Ironworker 3, 1
  18. Helper Oiler
  19. Millwright I
  20. Helper Carpenter 3
  21. Helper Reinforced Ironworker 1
  22. Helper Carpenter 1
  23. Helper Warehouse 2
  24. Helper Carpenter 2


  1. Supervisor Quality Completions
  2. Change Management Lead
  3. Equipment Coordinator I
  4. Supervisor Quality Control
  5. Field Quality Control Manager
  6. Foreman Warehouse
  7. Foreman Carpenter
  8. Foreman Reinforced Ironworker
  9. Foreman Labor I
  10. Foreman Equipment I
  11. General Foreman Equipment I
  12. Foreman Structural Steel
  13. Foreman Pipefitter I
  14. General Foreman Carpenter I
  15. General Foreman Electrical I
  16. General Foreman Rigging
  17. General Foreman Concrete
  18. General Foreman Pipefitting


  1. Electrician I, III, IV
  2. Electrical Foreman I
  3. Electrician II
  4. Helper Electrician 1, 3


  1. Quality Welding Inspector II
  2. Quality Coatings Inspector II
  3. Quality Mech Inspector III
  4. Quality I&E Inspector II
  5. Quality Welding Inspector I
  6. Quality Mech Inspector
  7. Quality Completions Inspector I
  8. Quality C/S Inspector II
  9. Quality Piping Inspector II
  10. Quality C/S Inspector III


  1. Equipment Coordinator I
  2. Materials Data Clerk III
  3. Manager EPC Cost
  4. Lead General Frmn Pipefitting
  5. Clerk III (Equipment)
  6. Document Control Supervisor
  7. Clerk Payroll III
  8. Document Control Coord I
  9. Cost Representative II
  10. Manager II Material
  11. Document Control Coord II
  12. Subcontract Administrator III
  13. Subcontract Field Coord II
  14. Subcontract Administrator II
  15. Subcontract Manager II
  16. Work Face Planner (Mechanical)
  17. Subcontract Administrator III
  18. Subcontract Manager
  19. Work Face Planner
  20. Logistics Manager II
  21. Project Controls Manager
  22. Project Accounting Manager I
  23. Talent Acquisition Coordinator


  1. Inst Tech II
  2. Pipefitter
  3. Mechanic III
  4. Helper Pipe Fitter 1
  5. Pipe Superintendent
  6. Helper Reinforced Ironworker 3

Safety/Quality Control

  1. Quality Civil Inspector
  2. Field Safety Facilitator
  3. Quality Control Coordinator
  4. Quality Completions Specialist


  1. Tool Room Worker 3
  2. Desktop Support Tech II
  3. Surveyor
  4. CAD Technician III
  5. Supervisor Data Entry
  6. Construction Craft Rep III
  7. Construction Manager I
  8. Superintendent Millwright
  9. Superintendent Electrical
  10. Industrial Hygiene/Occupational Health Facilitator (Field)
  11. Structural Steel Superintendent
  12. Superintendent Instrument
  13. Superintendent Civil
  14. Superintendent Instrumentation

How to Apply

To apply for any of the oil and gas construction positions listed above, please visit the Zachry Group’s employment portal. Follow the provided application instructions for each position. Take this opportunity to join Zachry Group and contribute to the construction of Plaquemines LNG in Louisiana.

Note: Only selected applicants will be contacted for the next phase of hiring process.

Zachry Group’s Employment Portal

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