Jansen Potash Mine – Now Hiring Labourers – 14/7 Rotation and Accommodations

Remote camp jobs in Saskatchewan for the construction of BHP Jansen Potash Project, an advanced and groundbreaking potash mine located near Saskatoon, SK. This industrial project is set to become the world’s largest potash mine upon completion, contributing to the growth of the Canadian economy. As a construction labourer, you will have the opportunity to work on this major mine development and gain valuable experience in the industry.

  • Camp accommodations provided
  • 14 days on, 7 days off work schedule
  • Opportunity to work on the world’s largest potash mine project
  • Chance to contribute to Canadian economic development
Join the BHP Jansen Potash Project in Saskatoon, SK as a skilled labourer. Work on the world's largest potash mine, enjoy camp accommodations, and a 14/7 work schedule.
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About the BHP Jansen Potash Project

The BHP Jansen Potash Project is a groundbreaking initiative set to establish the world’s largest potash mine near Saskatoon, SK. With its strategic location approximately 140 kilometers east of Saskatoon, this project represents BHP’s most advanced potash endeavor to date. The development of the Jansen Potash Project will add diversity and establish a significant Canadian presence in the global potash market. The project consists of multiple phases, with Jansen Stage 1 as the initial step, requiring a substantial investment of CAD$7.5 billion. Once production commences in 2026, the mine is expected to generate 4.35 megatons of potash annually. Joining the BHP Jansen Potash Project offers a unique opportunity to be part of this pioneering venture and contribute to the success of a groundbreaking mining operation.

About the Employer

The employer for this project is Jardeg Construction Services, They work in collaboration with their allied partner, JCL Industrial Constructors, to provide comprehensive construction workforce solutions and meet the unique requirements of each project.

Job Description

As a skilled labourer, you will be responsible for various general labourer duties on the project site. These tasks include operating shovels and rakes, handling hand and remote packers, conducting clean-up activities, and fueling equipment.


  1. CSTS-2020 / SCOT certification
  2. WHMIS 2015 training
  3. Valid driver’s license

Non-technical Requirements:

  • Willingness to learn and adapt to new tasks
  • Positive attitude and strong work ethic
  • Previous industrial experience is preferred
  • Earthwork experience is a bonus, but not required

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying as a remote camp labourer for the BHP Jansen Potash Mine with Jardeg Construction Services and meet the requirements for the role, please submit your application through their online portal below.

Note that only selected applicants who meet the requirements will be contacted for the next phase of the hiring process.

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