Entry Level Haul Truck Operators and Labourers for Elk Valley Coal Mining Operations – No Experience – Training Provided

Ever thought about becoming a haul truck operator in the mining industry? Well, now’s your opportunity! Teck Resources is immediately looking for haul truck operators and mine labourers for their coal mining operations in Elk Valley, British Columbia. The best part? No prior experience is necessary. This is your chance to embark on a brand-new career operating some of the world’s most massive mining equipment and machinery. Successful candidates will receive thorough internal training to launch their mining industry careers.

Haul Truck Operators and Labourers for Elk Valley Coal Mining Operations. Mining jobs in BC with no experience.
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  • This is your chance to break into the mining industry without any prior experience.
  • 4 days on, 4 days off rotational schedule that includes both day and night shifts.
  • Operate haul trucks with impressive capacities ranging from 180 tons to 400 tons.
  • Gain permanent employment status with a competitive compensation package.
  • Benefit from annual bonus plans, comprehensive healthcare, a retirement package, and more.

To qualify for haul truck operator and mine operations labourer positions at Teck Resources Elk Valley coal mining operations, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. High School Diploma, General Education Development (GED), or a minimum of five years of relevant work experience.
  2. Possess a valid Class 5 driver’s license, or its equivalent, without any learner’s restrictions.
  3. Demonstrated ability to remain focused during extended hours and in adverse weather conditions.
  4. A strong commitment to safety, including personal safety and the safety of fellow workers.
  5. Previous experience in heavy equipment operation, industrial settings, or computer literacy will be viewed as assets.
  6. Candidates must meet pre-employment requirements, including a drug screening, and provide three professional references.

Teck Elk Valley Coal Mining Operations

Teck Resources is a leading mining company in Canada, proudly operating four steelmaking coal mines in the Elk Valley of British Columbia. These mines collectively employ over 4,000 dedicated workers, making a significant contribution to the regional economy.

Steelmaking coal, also known as metallurgical coal, is of the highest quality and plays a vital role in steel production. It is an essential component in the creation of coke, a carbon-rich material used to extract iron from iron ore in blast furnaces. The global steel industry continues to rely on steelmaking coal to meet its production needs.

Coal mining operations in the Elk Valley predominantly employ open-pit mining methods, excavating large surface areas to access coal reserves. In the past year, Teck Resources’ Elk Valley Coal Mining Operations demonstrated their productivity by producing an impressive 21.5 million metric tons of steelmaking coal.

  1. Fording River Operations: Located near Elkford, British Columbia, it is one of Canada’s largest coal mines, producing high-quality steelmaking coal.
  2. Greenhills Operations: Situated near Elkford, it is another significant open-pit coal mine that contributes to our steelmaking coal production.
  3. Line Creek Operations: Located approximately 25 kilometers north of Sparwood, this mine efficiently extracts steelmaking coal from vast open-pit reserves.
  4. Elkview Operations: Also near Sparwood, this major coal mine accesses its coal reserves through open-pit mining methods, further supporting Teck Resources’ substantial output of steelmaking coal.

If you are interested in mining jobs in BC for haul truck operator/mine operations labourer positions with Teck Resources at the Elk Valley Coal Mining Operations, submit your application and required documents through the online portal by following the corresponding links below.

Please note that only selected applicants will be contacted for the next phase of the hiring process.

Haul Truck Operator/Mine Operations Labourer


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