Brucejack Mine BC – Kitchen, Catering, and Housekeeping Positions – Accommodations and Travel Covered – Two Week Rotations

Are you searching for camp jobs in British Columbia with covered accommodations and travel arrangements? Brucejack Mine is applications for remote camp positions in kitchen, catering, and housekeeping. Industry competitive pay rates and benefits, including full camp accommodations with meals and lodging, as well as covered transportation to and from the mine site. Balanced work-life schedule with a 13 days on, 13 days off rotation, including 2 travel days.

Brucejack Mine BC - Kitchen, Catering, and Housekeeping Positions for two week work rotations. Remote camp jobs British Columbia mining.
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  • Covered transportation to and from the mine site
  • Competitive salary based on experience, skills, and qualifications
  • Comprehensive benefits package and Registered Retirement Savings Plan matching program
  • Opportunities for ongoing training and career development

Following camp kitchen, catering, and housekeeping positions are currently taking applications.

  1. Camp Cooks: Camp Cooks such as 1st cooks, 2nd cooks, 3rd cooks, and breakfast cooks, craft delicious meals in remote camp settings, ensuring culinary satisfaction for all residents. With expertise in meal preparation and adherence to safety standards, they elevate the dining experience in camp environments.
  2. Kitchen Helpers: Kitchen Helpers provide essential support in food preparation and camp kitchen operations, ensuring smooth workflow and efficiency. Their dedication to maintaining cleanliness and assisting chefs contributes to the seamless functioning of the remote camp kitchen.
  3. Dishwashers: Dishwashers play a crucial role in camp operations by efficiently cleaning and sanitizing kitchenware. With attention to detail and adherence to hygiene standards, they ensure a clean and organized camp kitchen environment for the culinary team.
  4. Housekeepers: Diligent Housekeepers maintain cleanliness and orderliness in camp accommodations, creating a comfortable living environment for residents. Through thorough cleaning and attention to detail, they contribute to a pleasant and hygienic living space for all occupants of the remote camp facility.

To qualify for these camp jobs at Brucejack Mine, candidates must demonstrate:

  • Ability to lift/move up to 50lbs throughout a work shift
  • Capacity to maintain high performance over 12-hour shifts
  • Willingness to work in areas with extreme weather conditions
  • Ability to collaborate effectively in close quarters with a team

Brucejack Mine

The Brucejack Mine is a high-grade underground gold mine located in the northwestern region of British Columbia, Canada. Operational since July 2017, it is fully owned by the Australian company Newcrest Mining, following its acquisition of the previous owner and operator, Pretivm Resources. The mine operates using the long-hole stoping method, employing both transverse and longitudinal mining techniques depending on the zone’s width and orientation. The ore is processed underground and conveyed to the surface, where a fully enclosed mill produces gold-silver doré bars. The mine is recognized for being one of the highest-grade operating gold mines globally.

Newcrest Mining is an Australian-based corporation that specializes in the exploration, development, mining, and sale of gold, as well as gold-copper concentrate through the froth flotation process. It is recognized as Australia’s leading gold mining company and has expanded its operations internationally, including in Indonesia, making it a significant player in the global mining industry. Newcrest is known for its strong technical capabilities in exploration, deep underground block caving, and metallurgical processing skills. The company’s operations have earned it a reputation for being one of the world’s largest gold mining companies, with a focus on delivering safe, profitable, and responsible mining practice.

Newmont Corporation has recently completed the acquisition of Newcrest Mining Limited, creating the world’s leading gold mining company, also with a robust copper production. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in the mining industry, merging two of the sector’s top players to form a global leader in gold and copper mining.

Interested candidates can apply for camp positions at Brucejack Mine by following the corresponding links for kitchen, catering, or housekeeping roles.

Note that this posting serves as an expression of interest and does not indicate live vacancies. Candidates will be contacted when positions become available.

  1. Camp Kitchen Positions
  2. Housekeeping Positions



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