BHP Jansen Potash Mine – Heavy Equipment Operators and Labourers – 14/7 with Camp Accommodations

BHP Jansen Potash Project construction is underway in Saskatchewan and they are looking for heavy equipment operators and labourers to join the construction team immediately. Upon completion, the Jansen Potash Mine will stand as the world’s largest of its kind. This opportunity offers industry competitive pay and benefits, a 14/7 work rotation, and complete remote camp accommodations.

BHP Jansen Potash Mine Construction Project 2023 - Heavy Equipment Operators and Labourers with Camp Accommodations.
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  • 14-day work rotations followed by 7 days off
  • Remote camp accommodations encompassing meals and lodging
  • Attractive compensation package and benefits
  • Participation in BHP’s pioneering and advanced potash project
  • Contribution to the world’s largest potash mine upon completion
  • Prospects for career growth and advancement

Following remote camp construction jobs in Saskatchewan are available for the BHP Jansen Potash Mine construction project.

  1. Finishing Skid Steer Operators
  2. Skid Steer Operators
  3. Excavator Operators
  4. Labourers

BHP Jansen Potash Project

Located near Saskatoon, SK, the BHP Jansen Potash Project signifies a momentous stride in regional economic development. Boasting an investment of CAD$7.5 billion for Jansen Stage 1, this project is poised to claim the title of the world’s largest potash mine. Notably, it enhances diversity and fosters opportunities within Canada’s resource mining sector.

Jardeg Construction Services, in partnership with their esteemed ally, JCL Industrial Constructors, is a respected and trusted entity in the construction services sector of Canada. Their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results is evident in their involvement in significant projects such as the BHP Jansen Potash Project.

If you are interested in applying to one of the remote camp jobs at the BHP Potash Mine in Saskatchewan with Jardeg Construction Services, follow the corresponding links to apply.

Note that only selected applicants who meet the requirements will be contacted for further consideration by Jardeg Construction Services and JCL Industrial Constructors.

  1. Finishing Skid Steer Operators
  2. Skid Steer Operators
  3. Excavator Operators
  4. Labourers



Posted: 5 months ago

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