BHP Jansen Potash Mine Construction – Labourers, Concrete Finishers, and More – 14/7 Rotation with Camp

Remote camp construction jobs in Saskatchewan. Join the construction team at BHP’s Jansen Potash Mine Project as a labourer, concrete finisher, or a carpenter, to contribute to this massive project. Competitive compensation, industry-leading benefits, and a 14/7 work rotation providing a perfect balance of work and downtime.

BHP Jansen Potash Mine Construction Jobs - Labourers, Concrete Finishers, and More. Remote camp jobs in SK.
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  • 14/7 work rotation and 7/7 work rotation for labourers
  • Remote camp accommodations with meals and lodging provided
  • Attractive compensation package and comprehensive benefits
  • Opportunity to participate in BHP’s innovative potash project
  • Contribution to the world’s largest potash mine upon completion
  • Prospects for career growth and advancement

Following camp construction jobs in Saskatchewan are available for the BHP Jansen Potash Mine construction project.

  1. Labourers
    • Concrete Experience: The labourers possess concrete expertise, including jackhammering, bushhammering, and assisting with concrete pours. They have hands-on experience in pouring concrete, backfilling, and dewatering, ensuring the smooth progress of construction tasks.
    • Safety Focus: They are adept at identifying and reporting hazardous or unsafe areas, prioritizing safety on the worksite. Skilled in running compaction equipment while maintaining general housekeeping standards, they ensure a safe and efficient work environment.
  2. Concrete Finishers
    • Precision Work: The concrete finishers excel in placing and finishing concrete foundations with precision and accuracy. They specialize in preparing and patching concrete using a variety of cement and epoxy products, ensuring a flawless finish.
    • Surface Expertise: Possessing expertise in leveling and smoothing concrete surfaces, rounding edges, and creating joints or grooves to control cracking, they ensure the structural integrity of the concrete work. Skilled in setting forms to the desired pitch, depth, and alignment, they contribute to high-quality construction outcomes.
  3. Carpenters
    • Formwork Specialists: The carpenters are proficient in building formwork for concrete grade beams and walls, ensuring precise alignment and stability. They contribute to the construction process by assisting with pouring concrete slabs, grade beams, and walls with accuracy and efficiency.
    • Layout and Scaffolding: Playing a crucial role in the general layout of construction projects, they excel in building and installing scaffolding and work decks. Their expertise in carpentry ensures the successful execution of various construction tasks, contributing to the overall success of the project.

BHP Jansen Potash Mine

Located approximately 140 kilometers east of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, BHP’s Jansen Potash Mine represents a significant advancement in the mining industry. This project is set to become the world’s largest potash mine upon completion. Expected to produce 8.5 million tonnes of potash annually, Jansen will rank among the top global producers by volume.

In partnership with JCL Industrial Constructors, Jardeg Construction Services is a respected entity in Canada’s construction services sector. Committed to excellence, Jardeg has been entrusted with significant projects such as the BHP Jansen Potash Project.

If you’re ready to be part of this massive construction project, apply for one of the remote camp jobs at the BHP Potash Mine through the provided links.

Note that only selected applicants will be contacted for the next phase of hiring process.

  1. Labourers
  2. Concrete Finishers
  3. Carpenters

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