Teck Elkview Mining Operations – Entry Level Labourers, Heavy Equipment Operators, Trades, and More

Teck Elkview Coal Mining Operations in British Columbia needs labourers, heavy equipment operators, technicians, mechanics, and other mining related positions.

Mining jobs in BC – Tek Elkview Coal Mining Operations jobs
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Teck Resources Ltd.’s Elkview Operations is located near Sparwood in British Columbia. And it is one of the four steelmaking coal mining operations in the Elk Valley, BC owned by Tek Resources. Teck currently owns 95% stake in the Elkview Mining operations.

Mining jobs in BC mentioned below are directly through the employer, Tek Resources Ltd. Entry level and experienced positions available with extensive training provided through the employer. This is a great opportunity for workers who are ready to learn and advanced their career within the mining industry.

The general work rotation at Tek Elkview Mining Operations is four days on and four days off. This could vary depending on your position. Following mining jobs are available at the Elkview Coal Mine.

Instrumentation Mechanic – requirements and apply.
Accounts Payable Clerk – requirements and apply.
Environmental Technician – requirements and apply.
Haul Truck Operator – requirements and apply.
Heavy Duty Mechanic Apprentice – requirements and apply.
Dozer/Grader Operator – requirements and apply.
Loss Prevention Officer – requirements and apply.
Technician, Applied Research and Development – requirements and apply.
Industrial Mechanic/ Millwright – requirements and apply.
First Aid Attendant – requirements and apply.
Welder – requirements and apply.
Electrician – requirements and apply.
Entry Level Labourer – requirements and apply.
Warehouseperson – requirements and apply.
Powerline Technician – requirements and apply.
Gasfitter – requirements and apply.
Heavy Duty Mechanic – requirements and apply.
Administrative Assistant – requirements and apply.

If you are interested in applying to one of the mining jobs in British Columbia at the Elkview Coal Mine Operations with Teck Resources Ltd. follow the links above to apply directly with the employer.

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