Syncrude Aurora North Oilsands Mining Jobs – All Heavy Equipment Operators and Labourers – Flights, LOA, and Camp Accommodations

Syncrude Aurora North mine site needs all kinds of heavy equipment operators including dozer, haul truck, excavator, articulating truck, shovel, and grader along with mining labourers immediately. Remote camp accommodations or living out allowance available along with fly in and fly out transportation to Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Syncrude Aurora North mining jobs - North American Construction Group - Heavy Equipment Operators - Camp and Flights
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Aurora mine is the Syncrude’s newest oilsands mine. It is located northeast of Syncrude’s existing Mildred Lake plant, across the Athabasca River. It has a potential to produce more than 2.5 billion barrels of bitumen. Aurora oilsands mine is consist of two surface mines: the Aurora North and Aurora South. Mining and extraction will occur at Aurora with the resulting bitumen transported as a froth by pipeline back to the existing plant with a total of 120 km of pipeline.

Following fly in and fly out remote camp jobs for the Syncrude Aurora North mine site are posted by the North American Construction Group. They are a premier provider of heavy construction and mining services in Canada with over 60 years of experience. NACG (Short for North American Construction Group) currently hold the largest independently-owned fleet of equipment of any heavy civil construction and mining contractor in Canada.

If you are interested in applying to one of the fly in and fly out remote camp jobs at the Syncrude Aurora North mine site with North American Construction Group, follow links above for each corresponding job. Then fill out the job application and complete the requirements.

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