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Remote Camp Pipeline Jobs Alberta

Are you looking for remote camp pipeline jobs to start next week? Then look no further. Over 50 pipeline job positions in Northern Alberta need to be filled now through end of next week. Multiple hiring for each position mentioned below. These are remote camp jobs meaning you must be able to stay at the camp provided by the company during your work schedule. All positions mentioned below are full time positions working at least 10 hours a day. Over time also needed when necessary. Multiple rotation schedules include popular 9 days on 5 days off and longer rotations as well. Full remote camp accommodations including meals and lodging will be provided by the company during your stay. This also include any travel compensations as well. Almost all positions mentioned below are located North of Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Oil and gas construction projects jobs including pipeline jobs in Alberta.
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For the positions not mentioned below and for future opportunities, you may also send in your resume for general considerations. See below for instructions.

For the past 45 years, Quinn Contracting has been premier leader in servicing to the oil and gas industry of Canada. With over 2000 personal, it is one of the largest oil and gas service provider in the Western Canada. Now this is your opportunity to join a company with great reputation and space to grow. Industry competitive wages and benefits for those who get hired.

Available Positions

Field Coordinator – 20230
JM Carpenter – 10141
3rd Year Apprentice Scaffolder – 40420
1st Year Apprentice Scaffolder – 40420
JM EqOp Crane Hoist – 40420
Journeyman Insulator – 10141
Journeyman Millwright – 20240
Field Coordinator
Apprentice Scaffolders – 20230
Journeyman Scaffolder – 20230
Journeyman Scaffolder -40420
Journeyman EqOp Crane Hoist – 10141
Equipment Operator-Zoom Boom/Forklift – 20270
Journeyman Insulator – 20240
Journeyman Millwright – 40420
Journeyman Millwright – 40530
Apprentice Steam/Pipefitter – 10170

And accepting application for general consideration. Please submit your resume if you do not find a posting that matches your skills and experience. Only for general applications. To ensure your application receives proper consideration we encourage all candidates to apply to a specific posting that matches your skills before submitting your application for general considerations. Please see below for the link to submit your resume.

How To Apply

If you are interested in one of the Remote Camp Pipeline jobs in Alberta mentioned above, please click here to submit your resume and other documents. Then select the position you are interested in and complete the application process. If you are submitting your application for general considerations, please click here. Please note that only selected applicants will be contacted for the next phase of hiring process.

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