Snap Lake Diamond Mine Closure – All Heavy Equipment Operators and Truck Drivers – Flights and Camp

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Fly in and fly out camp jobs in Northwest Territories at the Snap Lake Diamond Mine Closure Project. Positions available include all kinds of heavy equipment operators and truck drivers on three week rotations.

Snap Lake Diamond Mine jobs – fly in and fly out remote camp jobs in Northwest Territories
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Snap Lake Diamond Mine was an underground diamond mining project constructed and operated by De Beers group. It was De Beers first mining operation outside of Africa. The mine was closed in end of 2015. And in 2012 Nuna Group of Companies and Metacor Inc. was awarded the Snap Lake Mine Closure contract.

Nuna Group of Companies is now hiring for multi purpose heavy equipment operators, haul truck drivers, and rock truck drivers with a total of 18 positions need to be filled. You must have previous experience in mining or an industrial setting and be comfortable working rotational schedule and remote camp experience.

In order to gain access to the mine site, you must complete a pre-access criminal record and medical questionnaire.

The general work rotation for the camp jobs at Snap Lake Diamond Mine Closure Project is three weeks on and three weeks off with 12 hour work days which include overtime pay. Nuna offers an employee recognition/rewards program, rotation incentives, and full benefits to its workers.

If you are interested in applying for one of the remote camp jobs in Northwest Territories at the Snap Lake Diamond Mine Closure Project with Nuna Group of Companies, click here for multi purpose equipment operators and click here for haul truck and rock truck driver positions.

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