Seabee Gold Mine – Mining Technicians, Labourers, Drillers, Cooks, and More – Camp and Flights

Mining jobs in Saskatchewan with flights and remote camp accommodations. Seabee Gold Mine is hiring for various technicians, labourers, drillers, cooks, and other mining related positions in Saskatchewan. Remote camp accommodations including meals and lodging and flights to Seabee.

Seabee Gold Mine Jobs – Fly in and fly out remote camp jobs in Saskatchewan
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The Seabee Gold Mining operation is the only gold mining operation carried out in Saskatchewan. It is located about 500 km northeast of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan.

The mining operations at the Seabee Gold Mine is performed by SSR Mining Inc. They are a global mining services company and has ongoing mining operations in the United States, Mexico, Peru, and Turkey.

All mining operations at the Seabee Gold Mine are carried out on fly in and fly out basis. You are required to fly in and out from the mining site. Pick up points are located in Saskatoon, Prince Albert, and La Ronge.

The shift rotation for mining jobs in Saskatchewan at the Seabee Gold Mine is two weeks on and two weeks off with 10-12 hour work days which will include overtime.

Fly in and fly out remote camp jobs at the Seabee Gold Mine in Saskatchewan include the following positions.

  1. Bolter – more information and apply.
  2. Core Technician – more information and apply.
  3. Safety Advisor – more information and apply.
  4. Service Technician – more information and apply.
  5. Labourer – more information and apply.
  6. Nipper – more information and apply.
  7. Diamond Driller – more information and apply.
  8. Second Cook – more information and apply.

If you are interested in applying to one of the mining jobs at the Seabee Gold Mine, follow corresponding links to apply directly with the employer, SSR Mining Inc.

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