Nunavik Nickel Mining Project – Fly In Fly Out Cooks (First, Second, and Third) and General Kitchen Helpers

This is a great opportunity for remote camp kitchen workers with fly in and fly out transportation and long work rotations. Nunavik Nickel Mining Project’s EXPO camp and Deception Bay Camp needs all camp cooks and kitchen helpers to work on three week fly in and fly out work rotation in Northern Quebec.

Nunavik Nickel Mining Project Jobs – Remote Camp Fly in and Fly Out Jobs Quebec
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The Nunavik Nickel Open Pit & Underground Mine is located in Northern Quebec. It is owned and operated since 2014 by Canadian Royalties Inc mining nickel and copper. The Nunavik Nickel Project consists of following mines.

  • Expo open pit mine
  • Allammaq Underground mine
  • Méquillon open pit mine
  • Mesamax open pit mine

Canadian Royalties Inc has more than 1000 workers which includes 600 direct employees and 400 subcontractors. On an average, 400 workers are living and working on the Nunavik Nickel Project and housed at either Expo Camp or the Deception Bay Camp. Operations at the Nunavik Nickel Project are fly in and fly out based.

Following remote camp fly in and fly out jobs in Quebec at available at the Nunavik Nickel Mining Project through Sodexo. General work rotation is 21 days on and 21 days off and follow 11 hour a day work shifts. Accommodations and meals are included during your work rotation.
Benefits are available for camp workers after 3 months of employment and bonus paid for transport for some positions.

Note that you must be vaccinated against Covid-19 (2 doses) in order to gain access to transportation and the mine site.

  • Chef
    • $28.39/hr (First 8 hours) + $42.59/hr (Following 3 hours) + $1.50/hr (Team leader premium)
  • Second Cook
    • $21.14/hr (First 8 hours) +$31.74/hr (Following 3 hours)
  • Third Cook
    • $20.46/hr (First 8 hours) +$30.69/hr (Following 3 hours)
  • General Kitchen Helper
    • $19.69/hr (First 8 hours) + $29.53/hr (Following 3 hours)

If you are interested in applying for a remote camp job in Quebec at the Nunavik Nickel Mining Project at either Expo Camp or Deception Bay Camp with Sodexo, Follow corresponding links to apply directly with the employer: Chef, Second Cook, Third Cook, and General Kitchen Helper.


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