Ledcor Pipeline Construction Jobs – Full Camp Plus Fly In & Fly Out – Remote Camp Pipeline Jobs Alberta

Ready to start your career in the oil sands of Alberta? Then check out these available camp positions from Ledcor. They are hiring all kinds of positions for a brand new pipeline project in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Pipeline jobs in Alberta with Ledcor - remote camp jobs
(Image Source – industrialpro.ca)

Positions mentioned below comes with full camp accommodations and travel. Fly in and fly out; charter flights included with some positions. Ledcor is one of the best companies to work for in oil sands of Alberta. All positions include industry competitive pay and benefits. Full camp accommodations include meals and lodging.

  • Labourers
  • Equipment Operators
  • Instrumentation Technicians
  • Millwrights
  • Truck Operators
  • Sideboom Operators
  • Rig Operators
  • Boom Truck Operators
  • Hydro Vac Operators
  • Screw Pile Operators
  • Superintendents
  • Estimators

Note that we have only listed positions that include camp accommodations and travel. There are over 100 positions that do NOT include camp accommodations. But you have the chance to stay in Fort McMurray, Alberta and take the Ledcor shuttles to work site and back. If you are interested in applying to a position at Ledcor, click here to apply. Then select the position you are interested in and complete the application and attach any documents you might have. Positions at Ledcor that include camp accommodations are highly in demand. Please note that only selected applicants will be contacted for the next phase of hiring process.

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