Kearl Oil Sands – Labourers, Technicians, Mechanics, and Welders with Flights and Camp – Up to $85/day Bonus

Remote camp fly in and fly out jobs in Alberta. Kearl Oil Sands Project needs labourers, various technicians, mechanics, and welders. Full remote camp accommodations and flights offered on two week work rotations. Right now, they are offering up to $85/day bonus (depend on the position) on the top of your daily wages.

Kearl Oil Sands – remote camp fly in and fly out jobs in Alberta
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Kearl Oil Sands Project is an oil sands mining operation north of Fort McMurray in Alberta near the Kearl Lake. It is considered to be one of Canada’s highest quality oil sands deposit being developed by Imperial Oil.

The employer, North American Construction Group is looking to fill following remote camp fly in and fly out jobs at the Kearl Oil Sands. The work rotation is two weeks on and two weeks off. Full remote camp accommodations including meals and lodging provided during your shifts. In addition, they provide flights from Edmonton and Calgary to Fort McMurray, AB. Kearl Oil Sands is also offering a travel allowance per rotation determined based on location.

Right now, Kearl Oil Sands is offering a daily attraction bonus which will be paid for days worked. Labourers and technicians are offered $60/day bonus and $85/day for welders and mechanics.

Available remote camp fly in and fly out jobs at the Kearl Oil Sands Project include following positions.

  • Labourers – Up to $34.87/hour
  • Maintenance Labourers – Up to $34.87/hour
  • Tire Technician – Up to $53.86/hour
  • Welders – Up to $61.86/hour
  • Mechanics – Up to $62.26/hour

If you are interested in one of the camp jobs at Kearl Oil Sands Project with North American Construction Group, follow the corresponding links to directly apply with the employer: Labourers, Maintenance Labourers, Tire Technicians, Welders, Mechanics.



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