Greenstone Gold Mines – Heavy Equipment Operators (Dozers, Shovels, and Haul Trucks), Mechanics, Technicians, Operators, Clerks, and More

Great opportunity for remote camp mining job seekers in Ontario. The Greenstone Gold Mines Project is hiring for various rotational based mining job positions in Ontario for the development of the mining project.

Greenstone Gold Mines – remote camp mining jobs in Ontario
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Greenstone Gold Mines is a large scale mining project for the development of several claim groups in the Geraldton-Beardmore Greenstone Belt in Ontario, Canada. The mining project is a 60/40 partnership between Equinox Gold and Orion Mine Finance, bringing together significant expertise in mining operations and financial management.

With a cumulative strike length of over 105 kilometers along the district’s most prospective geological structures, Greenstone Gold Mines has the potential to become a significant source of gold and other minerals. The company is committed to responsible and sustainable mining practices, and benefits from excellent access to infrastructure, including Canada’s national highway and a natural gas pipeline. With a strong focus on creating value for its partners, shareholders, and the communities where it operates, Greenstone Gold Mines offers exciting opportunities for individuals seeking to grow and develop their careers in the mining industry.

Available mining jobs at the Greenstone Gold Mines in Ontario include the following positions. All positions are based in Geraldton, ON on rotational basis. The company provides transportation from multiple pick up points as well.

Control Room Operator – requirements and apply.
Dozer Operator – requirements and apply.
Truck and Coach Mechanic – requirements and apply.
Environmental Coordinator – requirements and apply.
Powerhouse Mechanic – requirements and apply.
Face Shovel Operator – requirements and apply.
Environmental Technician – requirements and apply.
Heavy Equipment Technician – requirements and apply.

Electrician – requirements and apply.
Millwright – requirements and apply.
Instrumentation Technician – requirements and apply.
Junior Mine Geologist – requirements and apply.
Fuel and Lube Technician – requirements and apply.
Mine Haul Truck Operator – requirements and apply.
Clerk – requirements and apply.
Apprentice Heavy Equipment Technician – requirements and apply.
Contour Drill Operators – requirements and apply.
Welder – requirements and apply.

If you are interested in applying to one of the mining jobs in Ontario at the Greenstone Gold Mines, follow the corresponding links above to apply with Equinox Gold. Note that only selected applicants will be contacted for the next phase of hiring process.

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