Camp Jobs in Alberta

Remote Camp Jobs in Alberta Oil Sands. Fly in and fly out jobs available with transportation to oil sands workers from Calgary and Edmonton to Fort McMurray.

Alberta’s booming oil, gas, pipeline, construction, and camp services industries offer a range of remote camp job opportunities. These camp jobs in Alberta often include covered travel options such as fly-in and fly-out arrangements, where workers are transported to and from the job site via flight hubs located in Edmonton, Calgary and Fort McMurray. Remote camp accommodations, including meals, lodging, and transportation, are provided to ensure a comfortable stay for employees. Alternatively, some job positions offer living out allowances, allowing oil sands workers to arrange their own accommodations while still benefiting from the job opportunities in these thriving energy industries.

Well paying oilfield career in Alberta as a Frac Operator for STEP Energy Services. Trainees hiring as well.

Oilfield Operators – Well Paying Careers in Alberta’s Oilfields – All Positions Including Trainees – 15/6 Rotation

Looking for a well paying career in the Alberta’s oilfields? STEP Energy Services is hiring for all oilfield operator positions including frac operators, coiled tubing operators, pumping services operators, technicians, supervisors, and trainees. With a 15/6 rotation schedule, guaranteed pay,…

CNRL Horizon Oil Sands Operations. Heavy Equipment Operators. Dozer Operator Grader Operator Scraper Operator Backhoe Operator Excavator Operator Haul Truck Operator Shovel Operator

All Heavy Equipment Operators (Dozers, Graders, Backhoe, Loaders, Haul Trucks, Shovels) – CNRL Horizon Oil Sands – Camp and Flights

Heavy equipment operators for CNRL Horizon Oil Sands Project with flights and remote camp accommodations. This direct opportunity offers immediate openings for skilled operators with various heavy equipment experience. Industry competitive pay, excellent benefits, and the convenience of camp accommodations…

Suncor Fort Hills Oil Sands Mining Operation – fly in and fly out remote camp jobs in Alberta

Suncor Fort Hills – Heavy Equipment Operators, Labourers, and Technicians – Flights and Camp – 14/7 Rotation

Suncor Fort Hills Oil Sands – All kinds of heavy equipment operators including dozer, excavator, haul truck, grader, articulating truck, labourers, technicians, and more. Flights and camp accommodations provided on 14/7 rotations. Great pay and benefits!