Over 100 Positions From Heavy Equipment Operators to Labourers – Heavy Oil North and Foot Hills Hiring Now

Remote Camp Jobs Throughout Alberta

One of the largest hiring event for those who are seeking remote camp jobs throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. Over 100 positions needs to be filled including camp positions for Heavy Equipment Operators, Labourers, Electrician, Equipment Operators, Machinists, Millwright, Pipefitter, Safety, Scaffolder, Drivers, and more!. See below for the full list of jobs for each job categories mentioned above and their project details. Full remote camp accommodations at the work site including meals, lodging, and traveling. Rotation schedules (14 day on 7 days off, 21 days on 7 days off, etc) with over time! Great pay and benefits to those who get hired.

With over 3000 employees throughout Western Canada, ClearStream Energy dominates everything in Energy Services. It is a great company which provides balance between work and life. Convenient work locations throughout Western Canada. And the company also provide you with transfer opportunities. Challenging work, advancement, Learning, and Development are some of the perks this company offers.

Available Remote Camp Jobs

Job TitleRegionLocation
LabourersHeavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
Boat OperatorsHeavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
Class 1 DriversHeavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
Dozer OperatorsHeavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
Excavator OperatorsHeavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
Haul Truck OperatorsHeavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
Dredge OperatorsHeavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
ElectriciansHeavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
Haul Truck Operators (240+ Tons)Heavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
Haul Truck Operators (Journeyperson)Heavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
Haul Truck Operators (CAT 773+)Heavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
Haul Truck Operators (CAT 793+)Heavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
Haul Truck Operators (CAT 777+)Heavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
Skid Steer OperatorsHeavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
Loader OperatorsHeavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
Rock Truck OperatorsHeavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
Heavy Equipment Operators (240+ Tons)Heavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
Instrumentation TechHeavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
MillwrightsHeavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
MechanistsHeavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
PipefittersHeavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
ScaffoldersHeavy Oil NorthCA-AB-Fort McMurray
ScaffoldersHeavy Oil LloydminsterCA-SK-Lloydminster
LabourersHeavy Oil LloydminsterCA-SK-Lloydminster
PipefittersHeavy Oil LloydminsterCA-SK-Lloydminster
ElectriciansFoothills PlainsCA-SK-Regina
MillwrightsFoothills PlainsCA-SK-Regina
Equipment OperatorsFoot Hills PeaceCA-AB-Peace River
LabourersFoot Hills PeaceCA-AB-Peace River
Class 1 DriversCA-AB-Edmonton
Long Haul Truck DriversCA-AB-Edmonton

How To Apply

If you are interested in applying for one of the remote camp jobs in Alberta mentioned above, click here to submit your resume. Then select the position you are interested in and complete the application process and upload your resume and other documents. You may also upload your resume for general considerations as well. Follow link above. Note that only selected applicants will be contacted for the next phase of hiring process.

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